Training program

Quality training is not just training itself. The professional training process also includes complete care outside the tennis court. We will provide you with comprehensive care for your child, which includes training under the guidance of professional trainers, regeneration and proper nutrition under the supervision of nutrition experts.

We create professional conditions for your child.

It is best to start working with children from their early age, that is, from the kindergarten. For children from 3 to 5 years old, we have at our academy a tennis nursery designed to inspire children for sport and to create basic physical habits for children. Activities in tennis school are realized through competitions and games. Sport-tennis training is provided once a week (60 minutes / max 6 children) under supervision of experienced trainers.

After the kindergarten comes the first grade of the tennis school for 6-7 year old children who have already shown that they like sport. They play at a small tennis court with smaller tennis racquets. Children are developing their game skills and learning a wide range of tennis strokes. Such tennis training for children is fun and at the same time casual. There are games that have customized rules tailored to children in an effort to make sense of fair play and enjoyment of the game. Tennis training is provided once a week (60 minutes / max 6 children) under supervision of experienced trainers.

Older children, between the ages of 8 and 9, go to the 2nd grade of the tennis school. They develop all the skills they have acquired so far. It's already played at a classic tennis court but with soft and slow balls. Playing tennis at a larger tennis court is not difficult and it is relatively fast. Tennis training takes place twice a week (90 minutes) in a group of 2-4 children, once weekly individual training (60 minutes), once group fitness training and once swimming.

After graduating from the previous stages of our training program are children players perfectly prepared for the first real matches and they start to play tennis at competitions and their skills are able to grow. They take place in different age categories (up to 12 years, up to 14 years old, up to 16 years old, under 18 years of age, professional tennis). Our main goal is to educate players for individual and team competitions at home and abroad. Tennis training and individual program are tailored to the age and performance of the player. Such tennis training includes technical-tactical training, video analysis, sparring, fitness training, mental preparation, regeneration, eating and tournaments accompaniment at tournaments. Of course, we also have something for everyone who likes tennis - you can play tennis in your free time on professionally a modified tennis court.

The training process also includes fitness training. These are aimed at developing the skills that are needed for tennis. It's power, speed, endurance, dexterity and acceleration. This whole package of skills is needed for a good tennis player to successfully apply it to practice. We choose the exercises so that we develop the overall physical fitness and support the mental development of the player. Each child is otherwise physically equipped, so an individual approach to exercise is required. Of course on the training are relaxation exercises to prevent injuries and help muscle regeneration.

Mental training is for athletes, coaches and parents of young athletes. They need ever-increasing mental skills that they can apply at any time under stress. Therefore, in cooperation with the mental coach we regularly organize professional lectures and, if necessary, offer individual cooperation.

Nutrition is an integral part of every person and food is one of the cornerstones of an athlete's life. Thanks to the food and nutrition the athlete draws energy for his performance in training or competitions. Therefore, it is very important to properly set the macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) for the athlete. They are involved in the rapid regeneration, which is needed in tennis tournaments, where there is a high energy expenditure and the necessary preparation for the next match. Because each person is different, an individual approach is essential when setting the right diet.

Quality sports performances are not possible without regeneration. Therefore, in our academy, we put emphasis on proper regeneration to avoid possible injuries. Your child will undergo preventive physiotherapeutic examinations (for players aged 7 and over) and will be regularly monitored for development and proper growth of the athlete. Of course there is an individual approach of the doctor, physiotherapist and parent. We perform exercises to compensate for a sports exercise that prevents injuries. In addition to the above services, our physiotherapist helps in the treatment of post-traumatic and post-operative conditions - kinesio taping and other tailor-made services.

It is also possible to accommodate in the complex. This is especially true for competitions that last more than a few days. The complex offers 3 types of apartments, including a barrier-free apartment. See a 3D tour ...

Sportcentre Púchov is a multifunctional area where our tennis training take place. We have 6 outdoor clay courts and a tennis hall with three courts. The resort also offers accommodation. You can choose from several types of apartments. The Sportcentre Púchov also features a sauna, a wellness area and a swimming pool. It is therefore an ideal place to relax and unwind after hard days. Look at what it looks like. See a 3D tour ...